Focus on Nature

Photograph by Mike Yamashita
 "I wanted to photograph nature as it is, as it always was, and as it always should be for future generations."

Autumn Landscape, Colorado

Photograph by Haemin Rapp, submitted to My Shot
Mountains serve as an inspiring backdrop to a Colorado landscape in full autumn color.

Trees, South Africa

Photograph by Annie Griffiths Belt
For trees that grow on mountaintops near Cape Town, South Africa, wind can be a magnificent sculptor. Trees that can handle the wind's effects best will alter their shape to deal with the load of the wind


Photograph by Sisse Brimberg
Backlight produces a spectacular graphic image in this shot of shadows and tree trunks. Hiding in the setting sun behind a tree, the photographer kept the sky from blowing out by being over-exposed. The shadows serve as leading lines.

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