Petrohué Falls, Chile

The gentle falls of the Petrohué River frame the graceful slopes of Osorno Volcano, part of the Andes Mountain. The scene is but one memorable view within Chile's Vicente Perez Rosales National Park.

Lightning, Cape Town

Photograph by Warren Tyrer, My Shot
Two separate lightning bolts converge over Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, with an amazing display of natural electricity.

Virunga Mountains

Photograph by Chris Johns
Lava spews out of a fissure in the Virunga mountains in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Virunga chain is part of the East African Rift Valley system, which marks the boundary between two plates: the Nubian plate to the west and the Somalian plate to the east. The rift valley is a classic example of a divergent plate boundary.

Niagara Falls

Photograph by Panoramic Stock Images
Some 12 million tourists come every year to see the mighty Niagara Falls. Located on the Niagara River on the border between New York and Ontario, Canada, this famed cataract comprises three separate falls: Horseshoe, American, and Bridal Veil

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