5 Practical Suggestions for Being More Kind as a Leader

Being kind isn't as difficult as you might think. And by practicing some of the suggestions below on a regular basis you can eventually make them habits. As was mentioned in our post, "Do you believe leaders ought to be kind? Does kindness matter?", kindness can result in greater loyalty, trustworthiness and steadfastness in those you lead, which can result in higher retention rates, innovative employee ideas and dedicated followers. Not bad for being kind. And research shows that being kind to employees actually improves productivity. Kindness really does matter.

Here are some practical tips on how you, as a leader, can interject more kindness into your day.

1. Smile.
One of our most popular posts ever was "Does Smiling Make You a Better Leader? Top Four Reasons You Should Smile More." Smiling says you care and are approachable. As a result people will open up more to you.

2. Say thank you.
Have you ever held the door open for someone and watched them pass by without even an acknowledgment? How does that make you feel? The words "thank you" says you appreciate what others do for you and builds positive relationships.

3. Compliment.
There are few things that endear people to others more than when pay them a compliment. If you are genuine, specific and timely in your positive affirmations, you will not only improve employee motivation, but loyalty as well.

4. Be positive.
The best leaders are positive. They are positive about their employees, others and the organization. They don't get caught up in gossip and negative talk of other leaders. Being positive inspires people and builds trust, which has the opposite effect of being negative - which drains people.

5. Serve others.
Serving others, including those you lead sends the message that you consider them of value. Serving might simply be bringing someone their favorite beverage. It could be helping an employee on a project, or doing something nice for their family.

What other ways do you show kindness as a leader?

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